Download Free Super Moon Pictures, Videos, HD Wallpapers 14th November 2016 Full Moon. Get Full Moon Supermoon Pictures, Photos, Full Videos 14th November 2016. Ever looked up at the night sky to watch a full moon so close you could approximately touch it and Well done, you’ve dotted a supermoon.

Super Moon Pictures, Videos 14th November 2016 Full Moon


The “super-ness” of this Moon, while of note is fairly imperceptible and whereas, as our own David Dickinson noted in his appetizer article, this full Moon is not only the neighboring for the year. Tonight’s Supermoon, the major and brightest full moon to rise since 1948, is living up to the hype and The Supermoon November 2016 photos coming in from all through the world are dazzling. Although you have seen a lot of full Moons in your life, you do not have a photographic memory of it and later than all, this supermoon will be about 12% larger than a standard full Moon. The moon is a recognizable sight in our sky, brightening dark nights and reminding us of space examination past and present.

In Pakistan : 6:52 PM

The moon will turn out to be full at 13:52 GMT on Monday, so the most excellent time to view it in the UK will be when the sun is setting in the late day and The closer to the horizon it is, the better it will appear. You can also share this Super Moon Pictures, Videos 14th November 2016 with your family and friends by clicking below to sharing button.