Million dollars question is that Pakistan or Bangladesh Who Will Qualify for Champions Trophy 2017? Get Pakistan Qualify Chances & Bangladesh Qualify Chances with different equation. Pakistan and Bangladesh are now protected in a 8th struggle for the enduring 2 slots in the Champions Trophy 2017 whose stop date is 30th September 2015. There are still 2 years to go for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 except fate of 2 teams Pakistan and Bangladesh on that occasion will be determined on inside 30th September 2015.

Inside the deadline Pakistan and Bangladesh will be played 2 ODIs series each. Bangladesh will play odi series against India and South Africa. Pakistan will play also 2 odi series against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka before 30th September 2015. At the present the total points of Pakistan are 87 and the team Pakistan is at 9th rank in the ICC ODI Ranking.

If Pakistan who is at present ranked 9th on the ODI table failed to get better their place then it would face the mortification of not playing the Champions Trophy 2017 for the 1st time since its beginning. The top 8 teams in the official ODI rankings on 30th September 2015 will succeed for the competition.

Now let’s stare at the equations for qualification for Pakistan and Bangladesh:
Equation 1:
If Pakistan team wins both ODI series from Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka then Pakistan gets good points to qualify for the ICC Champion Trophy 2015 and Pakistan will stay their No. 8 rankings till 30th September 2015. But Bangladesh should be lost both ODI Series from India and South Africa.
Equation 2:
If Bangladesh team wins 1 ODI each against India and South Africa therefore Bangladesh will have 91 points and will stay their No. 8 rankings together till 30th September 2015 then Bangladesh will be qualify. The results of Pakistan odi matches won’t issue in that case.
Equation 3:
If Bangladesh wins 1 of their 6 odi matches they have to depend on Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka to do them a favour for quality. In this scenario if Pakistan loses single odi match against Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka they will neglect out their ICC Champions trophy spot and Bangladesh will qualify.
Equation 4:
If Bangladesh loses all 6 ODIs still they can qualify. Then, Pakistan needs to lose two odi matches from their 8 od matches. Any beat against Zimbabwe will harm Pakistan’s probability immensely and their lose will be Bangladesh’s increase.

Bangladesh will host 2 ODI series against India and South Africa before 30th September 2015. Dear cricket fans you can also share us your precious comment about the big question that Pakistan or Bangladesh Who Will Qualify for Champions Trophy 2017?