Download Big Collection of Happy Islamic New Year SMS, Wishes, Messages, Quotes. Get Happy Islamic New Year Latest SMS, Wishes, Text Messages, Quotes, Status and The Islamic New Year, also recognized as Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year is the day that marks the commencement of a new Islamic calendar year, and is the day on which the year reckon is incremented. In the container of Muslims, their Islamic calendar is pedestal on the moon, while the calendar used by much of the western world is based on the sun.

Happy Islamic New Year SMS, Wishes, Messages, Quotes


Here are the dissimilar outline for ascertaining the forbidden Islamic schedule, which bring about contrasts of commonly one or even 2 days among nations utilizing such composition and those that utilization planetary sightings. The major day of the year is seen on the principal day of Muharram, the primary month in the Islamic date-book.

Download Happy Islamic New Year SMS, Wishes, Messages, Quotes

Muslims celebrate the holiday by presence prayer sessions in their mosque and spending time through family and people celebrate Islamic New Year by distribution wishes to their friends and families and now you can get the big collection of Happy Islamic New Year SMS, Wishes, Messages, Quotes.

You alone we worship,
& you alone we ask for help,
for each and everything.
May your faith in Him
always bring you
peace and prosperity…
Happy New Hijri Year!

Let us believe in the messenger of Allah
and follow the light
which has been
sent down with Him.
Have a blessed Muharram…

Last year is for “MEMORIES”..
Next year is a “IMAGINATION”..
This year is “GOD’s GIFT”..
wish u a very “Happy

Flowerful Morning.
Colourful Noon.
Joyful Evening
Peaceful Night
Wish u a Fantastic year ahead..!!
“Happy Islamic New Year !!!”.

Yaa RABB, Bless U From Your Bounties.
And Make The Coming Year.
A Source Of Peace, Happiness And Success.
In Both Worlds For All The Muslims Throughout the Globe.

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