Get Collection of Friendship Sms, Wishes, Quotes, Whatsapp Status, FB Text Messages. Happy Friendship Sms, WIshes, Whatsapp Status, Facebook Status & Text Msgs and A ideal relationship isn’t really perfect at all, it consists of 2 people who NEVER provide up on each other despite any hurt or pain.

Friendship Sms, Whatsapp Status, FB Text Messages

Sms Whatsapp Status Facebook Messages
Sms Whatsapp Status Facebook Messages

You are seems for Friendship Sms compilation or Friendship sms shayari, friendship quotes or friendship poetry sms and Friendship SMS page provides you an chance to find the right words to articulate your feelings for your friends. Friendship day is famous on the 1st of August every year and have gathered a nice collection of friendship SMS messages in English & roman Urdu that you can rate, pick and drive to your friends.

Friendship is a world-wide reaction that everyone shares and Friendship means having a person you share your feelings through a person you seem up to, or someone you can seem to for comfort. Friendship SMS messages at submitted by users and Express your feeling through all the newest Friendship SMS text message and now below you can get the big collection of Friendship Sms, Whatsapp Status, FB Text Messages.

When it hurts to look back,
and you’re scared to look ahead,
you can look beside you
and your best friend will be there
When god open the windows of heaven,
He saw me & asked what is ur wish today?
I said god take care of the dear one,
Who is reading this “SMS”.
“Happy Friendship Day”
Good Relations Are Like
Needles of clock,
They only meet for
Sometime but
Always stay connected.
Har insan ki apni pahchan hoti hai.
magr hamare sms ki apni shan hoti hai.
har kisi ko him nahi karte sms magar!
jis ko karte hain hum sms
usmain hamari jan hoti hay.
Apni woh mulakaat kuch adhoori si lagi,
Paas hoke bhi doori si lagi,
Hothon pe hansi aankho pe mazboori si lagi,
Zindgi mein pahli baar kisi ki dosti itni zaroori si lagi.
Friend is one WHO
“F” inds u in a
“R”ush of people
“I”nspires u to do somthng in life, catch ur
“E”motions &
“N”ever leaves u till
When the life is down and it’s dark all around,
There comes a star that’s not too far,
That star is you my friend.
Stay with me forever.