Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony Schedule, Timing 15th, 14th August 2016. Full details of Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony Morning, Evening Schedule, Timing 2016. Timings have been different for enthusiastic flag-lowering ceremony due to meteorological conditions at Wagah border, said spokesman for Pakistan Rangers Punjab on Saturday. Wagah officials have interested to the people impending to attend the ritual to co-operate through security officials to avoid any annoying incident.

An imposing Parade and flag-lowering ceremony was held at Wagah Border in connection through Pakistan Day and A large number of people collected to witness the beautiful ceremony. Flag-lowering ceremony would be held at the border day-to-day at 5:30 pm in evening and preceding it was being held at 5:00 pm and It will be modification due to climate at Wagah border Lahore.

During the ceremony, the participants of the ceremony were rising the slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” with zest and zeal philanthropical a clear message to anti-state elements that they are complete to combat any kind of risk arises to their homeland and now you can watch the Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony Schedule, Timing 14th August 2016.