14th August Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony Schedule, Timing. 14th August Wagah Border Parade Schedule, Timing, Timetable, Venue, Date & Ceremony Timing and The flags are gathered and the ceremony ends through a retreat that involves a brusque handshake between soldiers from either side, followed by the final of the gates. At sunset each day, earlier the only road crossing among India and Pakistan closes for the night, a military spectacle takes place in which forces from together countries come face-to-face and goose-step to goose-step at the Wagah border for an sumptuous flag-lowering ceremony.

14th August Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony

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The rituals normally involve the marching of a band, the shooting of cannon and other decorative presentations. Alike parades are being prepared at Mahavir/Sadqi border near Fazilka and Hussainiwala/Gandasinghwala border nearby Firozpur. Councils from each side takings it in turns to shout at the top of their voices and for as extended as they can into a microphone in what could be labelled as a sell-off.

14th August Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony Schedule, Timing Details

The ceremony starts through a blustering parade by the soldiers from together the sides, and ends up in the perfectly coordinated sinking of the 2 nations’ flags. A daily military parade at the Wagah border crossing, despite earlier plans to suspend the ceremony in the awaken of the attack and you can also share this 14th August Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony Schedule with your family and friends.

Start Timing : 90 Mints Before Azan-e-Mugrib
Venue : Wagah Boarder
Date : 14th August
Closing Timing : 10 Mints Before Azan-e-Mugrib