Get the complete details of Pregnancy Precautions during Lunar Eclipse (Chand Grahan) 16th September 2016. Check Pregnancy Precautions during Chand Grahan 2016. The full moon lunar eclipse will be noticeable in Pakistan on Friday night 16th September 2016 and The Chand Grahan 2016 will be witnessed by the people in dissimilar cities including Lahore, Karachi, Multan, etc.


People will be talented to see the Chand Grahan in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia continents and The duration of the 3rd Lunar Eclipse or Chand Grahan will be 4 hours. The people of several countries including United States, Canada, Iceland, Russia, Turkmenistan, Norway, Australia and other countries of the region.

The 3rd lunar eclipse 2016 in Pakistan will be obvious to everybody with no any special equipment and In other words people will see the chand grahan with their eyes and feel free and ask any question regarding Pregnancy Precautions during Lunar Eclipse (Chand Grahan) 16th September 2016.


No Activity during the eclipse.
Stay totally indoor, be sure that no Harmful rays enter your room. Make your room a dark room.
Dnt Eat Anything during the eclipse period.
Dnt even cut veggies/drink water during the time.
Best advised is to stay on ur bed till the eclipse is over.
Have your last food/drink @least an hour before the eclipse begins.

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