Uber Pakistan Issued Uber Rickshaw Service With Cheap Rates. You can get the complete details of Uber Rickshaw Service With Cheap Rates, Online System, Online Booking. Later than achieving victorious as a car taxi service, Uber Pakistan has launched rickshaw service in Lahore. The company will now offer rides in rickshaws, Pakistan cheapest and the majority popular manner of travel.

Uber Rickshaw Service With Cheap Rates

Pakistan News
Pakistan News

Although ride-hailing services like Careem and Uber are becoming increasingly well-liked rickshaw service remains the cheapest and mainly used mode of transportation across Pakistan. This year Uber jumped in and introduced its e-hailing services, starting Lahore and Uber expanded its services to Karachi and is level its wings to expand to Islamabad

Uber launched rickshaw service beneath the uberAUTO brand in India starting from Delhi and They shuttered the service later than six months citing issues related to scaling and you can also share us your precious comment about the Uber Rickshaw Service With Cheap Rates.

From Muslim Town to Kalma Chowk Via Flayover: 4 KM and fare is 45 + 16 = Rs. 61 Rupees
From Muslim Town to doctor hospital via canal bank road: 6. 7 KM and fare is 45 + 27 = Rs. 72 Rupees

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