Government of Punjab Announced Punjab Budget 2016-2017. Get Punjab Budget 2016-17 Salary, Pension Increase Chart, Pay Scale Details, Prices After Punjab Budget. The Punjab Government Employees Salary Increase and Pay Scale Revised in Budget2016-2017 Pakistan is chances to increase 10 to 20 % BPS (Basic Pay Scale) 01 to 22 & Pension of this year budget Punjab signaled by Ministry of Finance Department.

Punjab Budget 2016-17 Salary and Pension Increase Chart

Pakistan News
Pakistan News

The resources the spending the government decides a means to administer the resources to please the expenditure like foreign loan from completely different country. Education sector and services sector are significant current budget has been provided 75 million in the Budget 2016, 2017.

In the budget much center on the industry which provide much revenue to the government and also increase in the GDP percentage and raise the taxes and discuss in the budget concerning the electricity which is the key of Pakistan economy. 10% increase in salaries announced for the government employees and Minimum monthly salary for labourers raised by Rs 1000 to Rs 14,00.

10% increase in pensions of retired officers also announced and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar develop budget 2016-2017 and discussed decide salary increase and assign how much budget utilize in Pakistan steel mill. The budget will be announced in the first week of the June like the budget announced from 1st June to 5th or 6th June each year.

Punjab Government servants and the entire other staff sole greatest desire is to will increase Pay scale Chart in new declared budget of the year e.g the mainly being awaited raised salaries and pensions for 2016-2017 budget and you can also share this Punjab Budget 2016-17 Salary and Pension Increase Chart with your family and friends by clicking below to sharing button.