Get PTCL Helpline Numbers For Charji EVO Wingle, Broadband, DSL Complain to Customer Service Members. PTCL Helpline Numbers For Charji EVO Wingle, DSL Complaint. PTCL has initiate 3G Evo Wingle USB. IT is first USB 3G Evo Wingle and one of the first of its kind and It can connect with dissimilar wi-fi devices and has the fastest speed of 9.3 MBPS. PTCL 3G Evo Wingle can also be used during traveling the entire over Pakistan due to powerful wi-fi system.

PTCL Helpline Numbers For Charji EVO Wingle, Broad Band, DSL Complains

Pakistan News
Pakistan News

Ptcl has introduced EVO. Now you can use wireless internet through ptcl evo. It has service in 99 cities and town of Pakistan and Use internet now wherever anytime with no limitations of cable. Use it on your trip, at your business or some other place and the entire other service providers and companies PTCL also have a customer care centre so that their customers queries can be answered.
Ptcl Charji Wingle device is newest thing in the market through lot of speed and uninterrupted internet.

Price of Charji wingle is Rs. 2500 and It is device of future and PTCL introduced 4 g, 3g EVO tab with assortment of new specs and beautiful design features. An added option to register your complaint is by using my dot ptcl dot net dot pk online complaint service page and You have to select product (pstn, broadband, 3G Evo, IPTV).

The most excellent and lowest calling and internet rates providing for Pakistan and PTCL offers landline and wifi router for internet, ptcl provides most excellent internet speed for their customers through Good Rates and now below you can get the PTCL Helpline Numbers For Charji EVO Wingle, Broad Band, DSL Complains.

Assistance Just A “Call” Away

You can call on following numbers for any desired service

Nature / Purpose Helpline Number
Technical Support / Complaint registration 1218
New service requisition 0800 8 0800
Directory Update 0800 0 1217
Directory Inquiry Services 1217
Billing information 1200
General Enquiries 1236