You can apply online For Prime Minister Youth Training, Internship Scheme 2016. Download Prime Minister Youth Training, Internship Scheme 2016 Registration Form and The program is essentially for 1 year and is finished after 12 months and the interns later than completing their internship will be granted through “Internship Completion Certificate “by the Host Organization, M/O & IPS. As the scheme is outstanding in all perspectives to cut the roots of being without a job and provide the employment opportunities in all sectors which will be helpful from all perspectives.

Prime Minister Youth Training, Internship Scheme 2016 Registration

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Pakistan News

Those person who have already availed any Youth Training Scheme/Program and the Inter Provincial Coordination Ministry, interns will be placed in central ministries, divisions, Provincial Departments, Industries, Banks, Corporations, and diverse Public and Private Institutions for one year and they will be paid salary of Rs.12,000/month.

Allocation of interns will be completed in accordance through the NFC award and FPSC’s recruitment criteria for provincial or regional quotas for the entire 3 years. Prime Minister’s Youth Programme is a radical programme for the socio-economic development of youth, in a bid to battle soaring redundancy in the country.

Number of Interns:

There are total fifty thousands interns are going to be selected from all Pakistan.

Internship program there is fixed amount which will be offered to internees such as twelve thousands rupees per month for 12 months because duration of this internship program will be 1 year.