Pakistan Federal Govt Budget 2016-17 Online Latest Updates News. Pakistani TV Channels Live Telecast Pakistan Federal Budget 2016-2017 Latest News & Live Updates. As part of its initiative of policy advocacy to governmental ministries regarding key subject affecting Pakistans economy and trade, PBC issues a list of feasible proposals for the Federal Budget.

The Institute for Policy Reforms (IPR) a think cistern in private sector in its newest report has suggested the government in the forthcoming budget 2016-2017 for declaring non-filing of tax returns as crime and increase the penalty for tax evasion. Revenue increase has to come from broad basing collection and present expenditure may stay at the present inflation adjusted level.

Pakistan Federal Budget 2016-17 Online Updates, Latest News

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Pakistan News

Reduction in the number of PSDP projects will help through timely completion of priority projects whereas staying within MoFs envelope. This PKR 600 billion are decided for the sell to other countries development fund and various promotional shows for Pakistani products will be organized worldwide.

Budgets 2016 to 2017 the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif of Government of Pakistan will be increase the salaries of the entire departments of province Punjab and the other provinces PM also. The finance minister will near budget before the federal cabinet on 27th May 2016 for approval and the budget will be tabled in the parliament on the same day later than its approval by the cabinet.

Every official department employees have a lot of expectations from his PM and the Chief Minister of the Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is also wishing for the employees to increase the disburse 10 % to 15 % percents. There is need to make simpler procedures, rationalize systems and remove distortions and It supposed the federal government must impress on provincial governments to increase revenue from agriculture and urban property taxes and You can also share this Pakistan Federal Budget 2016-17 Online Updates, Latest News with your family and friends by clicking below to sharing button.