Pakistan General Election taken on 25th July 2018. National Assembly (NA) & Provincial Assembly (PA, KA, SA, BA) Results 2018 and Imran Khan has witness a meteoric rise in reputation in the last few months if current opinion polls are to be believed and The Gallup poll had shown PML-N in the most important spot (36 percent support as compared to PTI’s 24 percent) as behind as in April. People are enthusiastically waiting for the future elections and political parties are also gearing up to compete through each other for provincial and national assembly seats.

Check National Assembly (NA) & Provincial Assembly (PA, KA, SA, BA) Election Results 2018

There are concern that the vote will not be gratis or fair (more on this), through several parties alleging the military has been tip the scales ahead of the election. What emerge then is that the perfect arrangement for the martial happens to hinge on having PTI through the main number of seats, but still diminutive of a majority.

Province General Women Total
Punjab 141 33 174
Sindh 61 14 75
KPK 39 9 48
Balochistan 16 4 20
FATA 12 12
Federal Capital 3 3

The forthcoming general elections 2018 which are programmed to be holding on 25th July are already being labelled as iniquitous, biased and contentious polls and It is being thought that the elections have been engineered into the selection to good turn one party only. In total, there 272 honestly elected and 70 reserved National Assembly seats up for grabs across the country and A single party will require to bag at least 137 of the directly elected seats to be able to form the government on its own.

Election Results* 1/272 0/297 0/130 0/99 0/51
PML N Sher 0
PTI Bala 0
PPP Teer 0
MMA Kitab 0
MQM Patang 0
GDA Sitara 0
TLP Crane 0
ANP Lal-Tain 0
PSP Dolphin 0
PML-Q Cycle 0
BNP Kulhari 0
PPMAP Darakt 0
NP Ari 0
NPP Balti 0
PML-Z Helicopter 0

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