Get the details of 9th, 10th Muharram Majalis Timing, Schedule, Venue 2014 In Pakistan.Muharram Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshwar, Hyderabad Majlish, Majalis Timing Details 2014. These majalis are detained on every level starting street to ground one and all arrange them according to source.

Almost a week before the begin of this holy month unsophisticated minister of decision party(in federation as well as in Punjab which is chief and most inventive area of Pakistan) appear on tv in a compress conference and announce that there will be no majalis.

Muharram Majalis Timing, Schedule, Venue 2014 In Pakistan

Muharram Majalis Timing, Schedule, Venue 2014 In Pakistan
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Earlier than the found of his 3rd majlis,his security guard who was going in the grounds of mosque with his covered weapon was congested by regulate. You can also share this Muharram Majalis Timing, Schedule, Venue 2014 In Pakistan with your family and friends. Now below you can get the details of Muharram Majalis Timing, Schedule, Venue 2014 In Pakistan.

Kumail Mehdavi
Timing: 11:45 p.m , Location: imambargah Shohada e Karbala, City: karachi

Mol. Shehnshah Hussain Naqvi
Timing: 4:30, Location: markazi ashra e majalis nishter park khi, City: karachi
Timing: 8:00 p.m, Location: Masji e Babulilm North Nazimabad Karachi.

Timing:7:00 pm , Location: bargah shareekat-ul-hussain(as) gulistan-e-johar karachi, City: karachi
2nd Ashra : ImamBargah: mehfil-e-shah e Najaf, Martin Road, , Gender : male,City: karachi

Mol. Ali Mohammad Naqvi
Timing: 09:00 pm , Location: Mehfil e Murtaza , City: karachi

Allama Syed Jawad Naqvi
Timing: 10:00 p.m., ImamBargah: mehfil syed ashuhada, Location: soldier bazar, Gender : male,City: karachi
Timing: 7:00 p.m., ImamBargah: imam bargah babul hawaij, Location: korangi, Gender : male, City:karachi

Timing: 8:00pm, Location: IRC Aisha manzil, City: karachi
Timing: 10:00 pm, Location: Old Rizvia Society, Karachi
Timing: 11:30 pm, Location: Aza khana e Zahra , Karachi
Maulana Taqi Mehdavi
Timing: 7 pm, Location: Quran o Itrat , City: karachi

Maulana Raza Daoodani
Timing:9:00 pm , Location:Shah e Najaf Martan Road., City: karachi

Allama Riaz Johri
Timing: 9:45pm, Location:Barra Imam Bargah Kharadar City: karachi

Allama Salman Turabi
Timing: 10:00 p.m., ImamBargah: imam bargah butrab, Location: azeez abad, Gender : male, City:karachi

Maulana Muhammad Ali Naqvi
Timing: 8:15p.m, ImamBargah: imam bargah al-e-aba, Location: gulberg, Gender : male, City:karachi

Allama Riaz Jouhari
Timing: 10:00 p.m., ImamBargah: bara imam bargah , Location: kharadr, Gender : male, City:karachi

Muhtarmma Shuma Hassan
Timing: 9:00 a.m., ImamBargah: royal apartment kda-1, Location: , Gender : female, City: karachi

Mehfil e Hussaini Sindh1) 1 to 10 Muharram : Molana Asif Raza Naqvi (D.G Khan)
13 to 15 Muharram : Maulana Zaki Baqri(Canada)
16 to 20 Muharram : Maulana Qalb e Sadiq Sahab (India) London Majalis Timmings

Allama Furqan Haider Abidi
Al Raza Foundation Imam Bargha Manchister UK, Timming 7PM

H.i Sibtin Sherazi
Timing: , Location: imam sadiq(a.s), g 9/2 pashto ashra e majalis khi company, City: islamabad

Molana Kazim Ali Hadri
Timing: unknow, Location: jafria bazar shia miani , City: multan

Bhakhar Majalis Timmings
Molana Syed Mohsin Ali Kazmi
Timing: 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm, Location: daray khan(city), City: disst bhakkar

Timing: 8:30 pm, Location: imam bargah qasr e batool nazd e ali chowk skardu, City: skardu

Asad Raza Bukhari
Timing: , Location: h/8.2 al kausar islamic universty , City: islamabad