You can get Latest 14th August Sms, Text Messages, Wishes, Sms’s, Milli Naghmay 2015. Download Latest 14th August Sms, Urdu Poetry, Text Messages, Milli Naghmay 2015. 3JiG is provide you the big collection of Latest 14th August Sms, Text Messages, Milli Naghmay 2015. Pakistan Independence Day practical yearly on 14 August is a national holiday in Pakistan, remember the day when Pakistan attain independence and was affirmed a sovereign nation subsequent the finish of the British Raj in 1947. The area comprise Pakistan was traditionally a part of the British Indian Empire through much of the 19th century.

Latest 14th August Sms, Text Messages, Milli Naghmay 2015

Pakistan News
Pakistan News

The Pakistan came into subsistence due to restless efforts of Quaid-e-Azam( Muhammad Ali Jinnah). Muhammad Ali Jinnah establishes to be a enormous leader and his name has been written in golden words in the history of Pakistan. Pakistan’s national flag is raise on public, private buildings, residences and memorial at dawn and official buildings, including Parliament House are decorated and colorfully lit. The Independence Day is one of the 6 public holidays pragmatic in Pakistan and is celebrated the entire over the country.

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Pakistan’s national flag is hoisted on community private buildings residences and testimonial at dawn and official buildings, counting Parliament House are ornamented and brightly lit. Pakistan came into reality as a result of the Pakistan Movement the Pakistan Movement expected for creation of an independent Muslim state by separation of the north-western region of the South Asia and was front by the All India Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Now below you can get the Latest 14th August Sms, Text Messages, Milli Naghmay 2015.
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Yeah Parcham Sada Surbolaand Rahay

!>>>>>>> !>> ( * >>> !>>>>>>>
Apun Teray Koh 14 August
Advance Mein Bolna Mangta
Boley Toh
14 August Mubareek.

Today we are miles apart
but I wanna reach across the miles
and say i’m thinking of you
in a very special way

14 August Shayari
Utha Kar Talvar Jab Ghode Pe Sawar Hote
Baandh Ke Saafa Jab Tayyar Hote
Dekhti Hai Duniya Chhat Pe Chadke
Kehte Hai Ki Kaash Hum Bhi Aise Hoshiyaar Hote

Dunia ma tum jaha be raho
Ye kehne se tum na daro
Mera watan meri jan
I Love My Pakistan
“Happy Independence Day”