Islamabad Baldiyati Election or Local Body Election Final Full Result 30th November 2015.Islamabad Baldiyati Election Complete Online Result 30 November 2015 and The online results of the first Local Bodies in Islamabad carry on pouring with PTI leading through 8 Councilor seats and PMLN winning 2 Councilor and PPP winning one Councilor seat each whereas 18 candidates have been elected unopposed as per the unofficial unconfirmed results.

Online Result
Online Result

Unofficial online results further illustrate that PTI has so far won 26 seats followed by PML-N which is second with 10 seats and Independent candidates have bagged 11 seats. The 18 candidates elected unchecked comprise 8 General Councillors, 3 women seats, 9 minorities seats and one Youth seat.

Between those who have been defeated by the PTI is expert politician and senior PML-N leader Zafar Ali Shah, who was the party’s candidate for Chairman Slot. At least 255 candidates are contesting for the posts of chairman whereas 1,210 candidates are battling for the general seats and besides this 351 female candidates are challenging for the women seats whereas 248 candidates are in the run for the labor seats.

Approximately 640 polling situations were recognized out of which 261 were for males and 256 for females and 123 polling stations were be shared by together men and women. Statistics released by the ECP thought 2400 were in the run for seats of chairman, vice chairman and councilors and according to our reporter 18 candidates have been elected unopposed.

Today is extremely great day for Islamabad people those are going to return their favorite leader in local body election very 1st time and According to latest updates PTI female counselor also elected in Islamabad. You can also share us your precious comment about the Islamabad Baldiyati (Local Body) Election Final Result 30th November 2015.