Get complete details of Lunar Eclipse, Chand Grahan on 23rd March 2016 Starting Time To End Time in Pakistan, India.Lunar Eclipse Chandra Grahan 23rd March 2016. As it is penumbral eclipse it would not be careful for any religious activities by Hindus. Eclipse watchers also it would not be a important event as the moon eclipse would barely be visible through naked eyes.

Lunar Eclipse, Chand Grahan Details 23rd March 2016 Starting Time To End Time

During this penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth’s main shade does not cover the Moon. As the Earth’s shadow (umbra) misses the Moon throughout a penumbral lunar eclipse, there are no other locations on Earth where the Moon appears partially or completely eclipsed during this event.Chandra Grahan, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, will get place during moonrise on 23rd March 2016 in India. If Lunar Eclipse starts earlier than midnight but ends later than midnight i.e. it covers two dissimilar dates on Gregorian calendar then the chosen Eclipse Day is when Umbral phase starts hence Penumbral Phase might start earlier than midnight.

The Chandragrahan will be captivating place in India among 3:09 PM on March 23 to 7:25 PM on 23rd March 2016. Further this penumbral eclipse would be partial and the penumbral shadow of the earth would not cover the moon wholly during the maximum of the eclipse. You can also share us your precious comment about the Lunar Eclipse, Chand Grahan Details 23rd March 2016 Starting Time To End Time.

23rd March 2016 (Wednesday)

Lunar Eclipse Local Timings
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Lahore
No Eclipse in Umbra
Penumbral Eclipse after Moonrise Not Visible to the Naked Eye
Moonrise – 18:18:32

First Contact with the Penumbra – 14:41:16
Maximum of Lunar Eclipse – 16:47:47
Last Contact with the Penumbra – 18:54:18

Duration of Penumbral Phase – 04 Hours 13 Mins 01 Sec