Get complete Ramzan k Masnoon Amal, Ramazan k Nawafil, Ramzan me Zikr, Ramzan ki Duain. Ramadan k Masnoon Amaal, Nawafil, Nafzli Namaz ka Tareeka, Zikr, Duain. The month of Ramadan lasts 29 or 30 days, depending on the year and its beginning date is based on confined moon sightings, making it always rather uncertain when it will begin.

Ramzan k Masnoon Amal, Nawafil, Zikr, Duain


Ramadan begins on Tuesday and Muslims around the world are preparing to abstain from eating and drinking during daylight for a month and a certain British soft drink will participate a major role. Muslims believe that fasting cleanses the organization and the practice reminds them of the anguish of the poor.

Ramadan represents a time of fasting, prayer and attachment to the Muslim religion and it is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam. This can pretense problems for Muslims in the UK where believers can be fasting for more than 6 hours longer than those in Mecca. Ramadan is the mainly blessed and holy month of the Islamic calendar which consists of 12 months of 354 days.

This year the Islamic holy month coincides through the GCSEs and A-level exam period through head teachers concerned that students will not be talented to concentrate with no eating. Athlete in intense training can also be exempt but he would be expected to fast later to formulate up for missing Ramadan. Now below you can get the Ramzan k Masnoon Amal, Nawafil, Zikr, Duain.

1. Rozana Kam az Kam Aik Tasbeeh “ASTAGFAAR” Ki Zaryr Parhein
2. Pehle Kalmay Ki Aik Tasbeeh Roz Parhein
3. Rozana Aik Tasbee Tisray Kalmay Ki zarur Parhein
4. Rozana Aik Tasbeeh Surah Akhlas “QUL HU ALLAH” Parhein or Rozana Do nafal Shukranay K Zarur Ada Kerien
5.Rozana “SURAH KAH’AF” Ki Shuru ki 10 ayaat yad se parhein aur jumma ko puri “SURAH KAH’AF” PARHEIN
6. Koshish kerien K Her Jumma Ko Zohar Ki Nimaz Se Qabal Salawat Tasbeeh {tasbeeh Nimaz} Zarur Ada Kerien
{is nimaaz main tisra kalma parha jata hay tarkia agar nahi maloom to aind asharing main ham btalayein gay insha Allah}
7. Ramdna Ul Mubarak main Surah Qadar “INNA ANZALNA” Kasrat Se Parhni Chaiye Rozana Kam Az Kam 7 Martaba
8. Subh Sham Kam Az Kam Aik Martba Surah Hashar Ki Akhri Ayat “HU ALLAH ZI ” se le ker ” WAHU’ WAL AZIZULHAKEEM ” Tak zarur parhein
9.Chalte Phirte Kam karte Hue “YA HAIYU YA QAYUM” parhein