You can Apply Online For Ishq Ramazan TV One Transmission 2017. Download Ishq Ramazan TV One Ramzan Transmission 2017 Online Registration Form, Application Form and The special transmission will start on 1st Ramazan and will endure through the Holy month. The registration of the package and passes will be agreed absolutely free there is no other way to become the passes of the program except agreed.

Ishq Ramazan TV One Transmission 2017 Online Registration

Pakistan News
Pakistan News

Transmission Name: Ishq-e-Ramzan
Host: Maya Khan, Sahir Lodhi
Channel: T.V One
Timing: Sehr Transmission Everyday From 1:00 AM till 6:00 AM Hosted by Shabir Abu Talib
Transmission Registrations Entry Tickets Passes: Free
Date: 1st Ramzan (27th May 2016)
Format: Exclusive Ramadan Transmission
Release Date: 27th May 2016
Venue: Karachi

The transmission will have a variability of segments and viewers will also be agreed a chance to participate in the show. The show has threw registration details for the contributors to get registered and share the delicious Iftaar meal live on TV One and Onetv has just announced its special Ramadan transmission for 2017. TV One’s Ramazan transmission ‘Ishq Ramazan’ is completely set to go on air, hosted by our same own couple-harassing, Maya Khan.

Apply Online for Ishq Ramazan TV One Transmission 2017

The transmission will be broadcasted from Lahore and additional famous celebrities will be also participate in the program as a guest. A large number of people used to watch Ramazan transmissions on everyday basis and want to develop part of the shows done which they can success expensive prices in the quiz segment.

The Ramazan Transmission that will be titled as, ‘Ishq Ramazan’ and The show will be aired from 2:00 PM till 9:00 PM daily in the month of Ramazan and you can also share us your precious comment regarding Ishq Ramazan TV One Transmission 2017.