Colombo Sri Lanka Ramadan Timing 2016 Ramazan Sehr-o-Iftar Time Table. Sri Lanka Ramzan Calendar Timing 2016 Ramazan Sehr-o-Iftar Time Table for Srilankan Muslims. Holy Ramadan is the month of Fasting for all Muslim approximately the World and the Sehr o Iftar timing is depend on Sunrise Sunset that is why 3JiG is provides complete month schedule according to cities get updated sehri o iftari Ramadan 2016 calendar.

Colombo Sri Lanka Ramadan Timing 2016 Ramazan Sehr-o-Iftar


World time zones and time map through current time around the world and countries operating day savings time sunclock map shows what part of the world. Although religious festivals make the majority of the holidays in Sri Lanka, significance is agreed to Full moon poya days throughout which the sale of alcoholic beverages, meats and fish is prohibited.

The decision to begin the month-long fast was taken At a meeting attended by representatives of the All Ceylon Jammiyyathul Ulema (the Supreme Council of Muslim Theologians of Sri Lanka), trustees and khatheebs of mosques in Colombo and the suburbs and representatives of the Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Department, previous evening after Maghrib prayers at the Colombo Grand Mosque announced the decision to begin Ramadan fast..

Sri Lanka Prayer Times is the initial application that brings you the daily prayer times for the 5 daily prayers for all Muslims in Sri Lanka. Several shops and businesses are also closed on poya days while the New Year festival in mid-April and the 2 day long holiday for Vesak in May see a general pause in government, mercantile and banking sectors, when the country takes time off to celebrate or to grasp a breath. Now below you can get the Colombo Sri Lanka Ramadan Timing 2016 Ramazan Sehr-o-Iftar.

Sehr-o-Iftar Time

Date Day Sehr Iftar
07 June Tuesday 4:38 am 6:26 pm
08 June Wednesday 4:38 am 6:26 pm
09 June Thursday 4:38 am 6:26 pm
10 June Friday 4:38 am 6:27 pm
11 June Saturday 4:38 am 6:27 pm
12 June Sunday 4:38 am 6:27 pm
13 June Monday 4:39 am 6:27 pm
14 June Tuesday 4:39 am 6:28 pm
15 June Wednesday 4:39 am 6:28 pm
16 June Thursday 4:39 am 6:28 pm
17 June Friday 4:39 am 6:28 pm
18 June Saturday 4:39 am 6:29 pm
19 June Sunday 4:40 am 6:29 pm
20 June Monday 4:40 am 6:29 pm
21 June Tuesday 4:40 am 6:29 pm
22 June Wednesday 4:40 am 6:29 pm
23 June Thursday 4:41 am 6:30 pm
24 June Friday 4:41 am 6:30 pm
25 June Saturday 4:41 am 6:30 pm
26 June Sunday 4:41 am 6:30 pm
27 June Monday 4:42 am 6:30 pm
28 June Tuesday 4:42 am 6:31 pm
29 June Wednesday 4:42 am 6:31 pm
30 June Thursday 4:42 am 6:31 pm
01 July Friday 4:43 am 6:31 pm
02 July Saturday 4:43 am 6:31 pm
03 July Sunday 4:43 am 6:31 pm
04 July Monday 4:43 am 6:31 pm
05 July Tuesday 4:44 am 6:32 pm
06 July Wednesday 4:44 am 6:32 pm