Now a day’s majority of youngsters are interested to become a model, because it seems attractive famous and easy to earn. But actually it is very tuff, competent and rejecting field, undoubtly it is the world of fame and clam. First of all you have found out that what kind of model you want to be, because there are so many fields in itself. You have to decide you want to be a Commercial Model, Ramp Model, Brand Model, Fitness, Plus-Size or Print Model. After that you need portfolio, portfolio mean the collection, best collection of your snapshots which shows you style, guts, confidence and most important attractive part of your it should be highlighting their 3 steps for you before applying.

  1. It is more obvious to decide what type of Model you want to be this will make you mind.
  2. Starts taking care of yourself start eating fresh things do not over eat, take good nap it will be good for you metal state. Your body should be in the fitness this is the most important thing. Exercise and juices will help you a lot. Take healthy diet, so your skin will glow and clean extra work on your face will be helpful.
  3. Educate yourself because you need to face a new world you impression should be impressive and confident, you accent walking style and looks are the first thing that other observer.

You need portfolio and agencies to step in the glam world. You need to know and take you measurements stat, it should be according to their demand and there are some requirements.

Height: 6′-6’2″, Waist: 32″, Neck: 15.5″, Sleeve Length: 33″/34″, Coat 40R/L, Inseam:33″/34″.

Visit  molding agencies. Here you’ll find famous modeling agencies around the world.

  • Elite Model Management (Offices worldwide)
  • Success Model Management (Paris)
  • Q Management (New York, Los Angeles)
  • DNA Model Management (New York)
  • Ford Models (New York)
  • IMG Models (New York, Paris, London, Milan)
  • Wilhelmina Models (New York, Miami, Los Angeles)

When you are ready for applying you need to be truthfully honest which about you measurement do not lie anywhere. Be creative a shoots because it is the first way to start stepping up the more you show your skills the more you will step up. Makeup selection is the major act is modeling so it your makeup artist is awesome then you are going to rock the world. Confidence but polite and sensible stay calm does not try to be stub burn when you seniors overreact on you everything they do is a lesson for you.