Details of Education Voucher Scheme Procedure, How to apply in Pakistan. Download online application, registration form or of Education Voucher Scheme Pakistan. Punjab Education Foundation because its reorganization in 2004 has been under pressure to promote superiority education through Public confidential Partnerships.

Education Voucher Scheme Details, Procedure, How to apply in Pakistan

The voucher is exchangeable against imbursement of fee in the private educational institution in enterprise with PEF under EVS program. A school voucher, also describe an education voucher, with the organization overall being call the voucher arrangement, is a certificate of backing issued by the administration, which the parents of a schoolchild have organize

  • Low Cost Education:
    • Average cost of Rs. 350 per student, much lower than traditional programs (approx. 1/3rd as compare to Govt.)
    • No upfront cost of setting up new schools (e.g., infrastructure)
  • Superior targeting
    • Mechanisms to ensure that subsidies are extended to the most deserving (e.g., out of school and high risk) children of deserving/ slums/underprivileged areas
  • Better quality outcomes
    • Better quality outcomes maintained and demonstrated by regular testing for students (through bi-annual Quality Assurance Tests)
  • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Internal and external audits of PEF to ensure transparency
    • Internal M&E Mechanism for periodic evaluations
    • External M&E Mechanism for an independent check on program and policies implementation
  • Practical application
    • Add-on programs to provide vocational training that help in providing employment opportunities through skill development

The vouchers rate the government about 400PKR ($4) per month per youngster. In Punjab the voucher costs a reduced quantity of per student than the government spend per student presence public schools. You can also share this Education Voucher Scheme Details, Procedure, How to apply in Pakistan with your friends by clicking below to sharing button.