Get ECAT Test 2016 Syllabus, Sample Papers, ECAT Test Fee, Structure, Test Date, Form. UET ECAT Test 2016 Complete Syllabus, Sample Papers, Test Fee, etc. Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) is essential to get admission in any trustworthy and well known engineering institute of Pakistan.

ECAT Test 2016 Syllabus, Sample Papers, Test Fee

Admission Open
Admission Open

Mostly, ECAT is the most excellent testing tool for engineering students in Pakistan and An applicant for admission to any of the Bachelor Degree course obtainable by the University must complete the subsequent requirements. University of Engineering and Technology Lahore has announced the entry test schedule 2016 for admission to BSc Engineering and BS Technology programs and Applications process is going to start from second week of June.

ECAT is essentially a subject test and this test includes Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Computer, and English and The number of questions in test and weight or sections of the test varies significantly and ECAT Test 2016 Syllabus, Sample Papers, Test Fee.

Syllabus for ECAT Test 2016:

ECAT English Section (Syllabus)
Error Detection
Correct / Incorrect
Direct / Indirect
Active Passive Voice
Jumbled Sentences
Sentence Completion
Reading Comprehension
ECAT Chemistry Section (Syllabus)
Basic Concepts
Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
Liquid and Solids
Atomic Structure
Chemical Bonding
Thermo chemistry
Chemical Equilibrium
Electro chemistry
Reaction Kinetics
Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity
s-Block Elements
Group IIIA and Group VIA Elements
The Halogens and the Noble Gases
Transition Elements
Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Alkyl Halides
Aldehydes and Ketons
Carboxylic Acids
Common Chemical Industries
Environmental Chemistry
ECAT Mathematics Section (Syllabus)
Part One
Number System
Sets, Functions and Groups
Matrices and Determinants
Quadratic Equation
Partial Fraction
Sequence and Series
Permutation, Combination and Probability
Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem
Fundamental of Trigonometry
Trigonometric Identities
Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs
Application of Trigonometry
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Solutions of Trigonometric Equation
Part Two
Functions and Limits
Introduction to Analytic Geometry
Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming
Conic Section
ECAT Physics Section (Syllabus)
Vectors and Equilibrium
Motion and Force
Circular Motion
Fluid Dynamics
Physical Optics
Heat and Thermodynamics
Current Electricity
Electromagnetism Induction
Alternating Current
Physics of Solids
Dawn of Modern Physics
Atomic Spectra
Nuclear Physics
The format/Sample of Engineering entry Test:
25 MCQs for Mathematics
25 MCQs from Physics
25 MCQs from Chemistry
25 MCQs from English
25 MCQs from general (Pak Study and Islamic Study)
Test Fee:Fee for Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT 2016)  is Rs. 350/. This fee will be deposited online in the Habib Bank Limited (HBL) University of Engineering University Branch.
Lahore; account number is availble on UET official site.
Bank: Habib Bank Limited UET Branch, Lahore